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PROJECTS TO HELP FIGHT Climate change and social issues

We develop and manage projects that leverage stoves to make positive change for current and future generations.

Yes. Stoves.

3 billion people cook their food on open fires or traditional cookstoves, burning anywhere between 2-10 tonnes of wood (or equivalent) each year. That’s a lot of wood being removed from vulnerable forests getting converted into harmful emissions that impact locally and are felt worldwide. 

Find out how a stove has the power to change lives and a community’s trajectory:


Household demand for firewood exacerbates an already serious strain on local forests.

Efficient stoves reduce wood fuel consumption by up to 70% providing relief for forests to regrow.


Burning 1 tonne of wood for cooking releases 1.85 tonnes of CO2. This is equivalent of driving 4,500 miles in an average vehicle.

Efficient stoves reduce CO2 emissions by up to 81%.


4 million people die every year from illnesses associated with smoke from cooking. This is more people than malaria and AIDS combined.

Efficient stoves reduce household air pollution by up to 90%. These stoves are also cool to touch, even when hot inside, so the risk of burns is minimized.

Gender Equality

Women and children spend up to 25 hours each week collecting wood for cooking, reducing time available for employment and educational opportunities.

Efficient stoves reduce time spent gathering by up to 70%, freeing up time which could be spent on education or work that generates income.

Maximizing Our Impact

We carefully steward our resources and the confidence of our stakeholders through a pragmatic approach.

Irreplaceable Environments

Our focus is on protecting mega-diverse areas that represent only a tiny fraction (2.5%) of the earths total surface, however are home to nearly half of the world's endemic species.

Collaborating for Success

Our projects require local collaboration to succeed. We work closely with local government, social workers, NGOs, educational institutions, community leaders and residents.

Vulnerable Communities

Our projects work directly with the most vulnerable and impoverished communities who's main source of livelihood is derived from threatened environmental resources.

Long-Term Outlook

We actively listen and passionately support our projects over their 10-15 year lifespan.

To ensure that we're delivering as intended, annually, we engage independent auditors to complete a rigorous assessment of the environmental and social impacts.

Project Buhay: Changing Lives Through Improved Cooking in the Philippines

Project Buhay (“bu-hai” translates to “life” in Filipino)  will be the first project of its kind to be accredited by the Verra Standard and SD VISta Certification in the Philippines.

This irreplaceable home to countless endemic species is also a deforestation hotspot. Just 7% of the original forest cover remains, making the Philippines one of the most severely deforested countries in the world.

Our project directly contributes to 9 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.