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We're continuously humbled with the care, dedication and selflessness in the communities we work with. Creating opportunities for people to make change is one of our greatest strengths.

About SD Projects

We view success in terms of how our projects benefit both the planet and the communities we’re engaged in. We work together with our stakeholders to help lift people and nature out of crisis by developing important and meaningful carbon and social projects with the hope that we can leave this world better than how we found it.

Founded on purpose and passion

SD Projects was founded with a shared passion for improving the lives of others. We believe that fundamentally changing just one person’s life for the better during our lifetime is a meaningful goal worth pursuing. SD Projects exemplifies this thought, bringing likeminded people together to create something bigger than what we could have done on our own. 

Who We Work With

Success in the development of climate action projects requires a strong conviction to create change. We seek out others that share this conviction to improve the world we were handed. Our partners include everyday people that continuously humble us with their care, dedication and selflessness. 

The Team

R. Josh Eddie, CFA

Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Renz Ladroma

Chief of Communities & Co-founder

Brig. Gen. Ramona Go (Ret)

Women Development & Empowerment

Flor Pasal

Project Director

Ryle Torres

Operations Manager

Mara Perez, RSW

Community Manager

Annie Rose Tituag

Project Manager - Local Engagement

Julie Marie Marondo

Project Manager - Local Engagement


Dr. Mark Ketteman