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Guide for Surveyors


If you’ve made it to this page, welcome and thank you for being part of Project Buhay. As a surveyor, the data you will gather is essential to the development of this project. The following information below will guide you on how to conduct the Baseline Survey in your area:

1. Each surveyor will be assigned to 1-2 barangays, depending on how many Puroks each barangays have.

2. Read and familiarize yourself with the questions in the Baseline Survey Form. With your assistance, this will be filled out by the household. You may view/download the Baseline Survey form here: English version, Filipino version.

3. You will to read the baseline survey guide so you can conduct the baseline survey correctly. All the items here will be discussed through call as well to brief you before you do the field work. You may view/download the Baseline Survey Guide here: English version, Filipino version.

4. You will need to send the completed survey forms via Facebook messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, or Google Drive whichever application you are comfortable in using. Just take a clear picture of each pages of the survey form.

5. Payment will be up to 500 pesos (depending on transportation cost) for every 15 surveys completed and will be sent via GCash. This will only be sent once the survey forms have been completed already.

Beforehand, you will need to inform us the estimated amount you will need for gas/transportation and printing of the survey forms. Payment/reimbursement breakdown will be sent directly to the surveyor.

6. For any questions, you may contact Renz Ladroma any time via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp/Viber at 09278628420